Rental Search Service

Tired of looking through the newspapers for someplace to rent, spending hours everyday searching the internet or on the phone calling property managers and landlords but not having them call back or finding out that most of the rentals have already been taken?

Let DoMore help!

With our pre-approved rental application system, we will do all of your paperwork and documentation that includes everything landlords are looking for when they screen applications.

Our rental search is a unique way of locating the best available Durham Region and GTA rental properties.

Just tell us what you want! This is especially suited for people who don't have the time to do phone calls, and/or go out and look at alot of properties. No need to waste time, effort, hours, and days. Our professional locators know exactly what you are looking for so you don't miss anything. We do a comprehensive search for rentals that meet your specific needs, get all the information and advise you of currently available and newly listed rental properties.

You will eliminate the need to spend countless hours and days pouring over ads, calling landlords, and driving out to see every listing.