Landlord Services

Good communication is essential!

We will provide information to new tenants as it relates to operations and policies specifically tailored for your property. It will also include information on how to handle emergencies. We have developed specific guidelines for our Property Managers to assist in monitoring your property. To ensure your expectations are met, we will conduct frequent site inspections. All resulting issues addressed with the Landlord. All contract specifications will be observed and monitored to ensure that what is agreed to and expected is delivered.

You will have complete control over your financial affairs.

We will collect all rents and deposit them directly into a trust account(s) set up in the name of the Landlord. All expenditures in excess of $500.00 will be discussed with the Landlord prior to the Property Manager making a commitment for provision of services.

DoMore Property Management Services provides 24/7 on call service.

As a result, the Landlord and the Tenants can reach us when a problem arises. DoMore Property Management Services is committed to solving problems as quickly as possible.

Our aim is to provide the highest level of service

that we feel is often lacking in today's business practices. It is our aim to create partnerships of service with our clients to ensure that your needs and goals are met. We are here to serve you, by listening and responding to your interests, comments and questions. We will work to ensure the highest possible net return to the property owners over the longest period of time.

We are fully committed to our client's needs.

By listening to what you tell us, we can best ascertain your needs. The DoMore Property Management Services team has had a long-term involvement in the business and community life in Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. In turn, our team also offers knowledgeable insight into the needs of the residents and business community of Durham Region. We are committed to you and your future and the service of your requirements.

We will always act responsibly in meeting your needs.

We believe business must rise to a high standard of genuine integrity and responsiveness to clients.